Seattle’s #1 Sports Bar! Stimpy’s Bar and Grill would like to invite you to participate in our holiday hosting donation drive for the Treehouse effect!

Stop by Stimpy’s and join us in supporting of King County. This year’s drive: “Leveling The Playing Field For Foster Kids”. Our goal is to help the foster children of King County.

The Facts:

1. Kids enter foster care because of a crisis in parenting that has lead to serious abuse or neglect. They are not at fault.

2.With every school change, the foster kids lose four to sixth months of academic progress.

3. Less than half the foster kids graduate highschool on time. Fewer than 2% will complete a 4 year college degree. Without intervention, they often experience tragic outcomes-poverty, homelessness, and incarceration.


Treehouse is the only agency in King County that provides youth in foster care with the essential and academic supports they equally deserve to help them graduate at the same rate as their peers with a plan for their future.
We support youth in foster care through an integrated, research-based service delivery model that fuses our longstanding programs providing material and educational support, and opportunities for extracurricular engagement to ensure our kids are receiving the most comprehensive support possible.
We partner with colleague organizations and our legislative champions to propose and pass legislation, building wraparound supports and removing bureaucratic barriers to help students graduate high school. Together, we are creating a road to hope and possibility for youth in foster care.

Here’s how to help!
Stop by Stimpy’s Bar and Grill and ask any team member for any one of the boys and girls wish lists, here’s what they look like below.

Click on picture to view the PDF form for the kids wish lists below.


Click on picture to view the PDF form brochure for the kids wish lists below.


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